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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Sir William Stury and Sir William Burton are receivers of the castles and fortresses of the Low Countries as early as 1350.

Power for Lord Cobham, John de Devereux, Captain of Calais; Robert de Asheton, Constable of Dover Castle; John Shepeye, Dean of Lincoln; Brian de Stapilton, Captain of Guisnes, and Sir Richard Stury are to treat with the King of France and to grant safe conducts to his envoys. 1381 (temp. Ric. II.).

Louis Clifford, Richard Stury and three others are ordered to remain with the King's mother wheresoever she may choose to reside, for her protection (12th June, 1385 - temp. Ric. II.).

Commission to Richard Stury, Gerard Heron, Thomas Stanley and John de Mitford to receive the oath of the King of the Scots to the truce (20th August, 1394 - temp. Ric. II.).

There are various paragraphs in the syllabus of Rymer's Fædera which tend to show the important offices which the early Sturys or Storys were entrusted with in early times. We cannot, of course, find space for any further extracts.

In the "List of Early Chancery Proceedings," Vol. I., Bundle 20, No. 42, there appear as Plaintiffs John Stoure and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Margaret Haweles. Defendants, John Sutton, feeofee of the said Margaret. Matter in dispute, lands, &c., in Hardele, Langrede, Cotesford and Leghe in the Isle of Wight (Hants).

On p. 45 Inquis. Post Mortem we find 5th Edward III. a Ricus Storier in connection with the Priory of Monte Carmel, Norfolk.

In the 21st Edward a *Christiana de Stoure holds one carucate of land in Mulebourn Deverell, county Dorset. (p. 134.)

In the 26th Edward III. a Johès de Stures, miles, of Burhmet Herblyn, appears in a matter of dispute concerning the Manor and Castle of Porcester. (p. 267, Vol. II., 38th Edward III.)

This Johès de Stures would be the same person mentioned on p. 181 of the same volume regarding Wykeham Manor, co. Southampton. Coming to later years, we have the following:-

A pardon, dated April 10th, 1641, reads as follows:-

"Pardon of Gilbert Taylor, of the Luckneys, Arthur Story, of How End, and Francis Foster, of Kersupfoot, employed in the King's service at Edinburgh Castle, under Patrick Rieven, Lord of Atrick." (Vol. II. Syll. Rymer's Fædera, p. 901.)

It is scarcely to be assumed that Sture and Stures in the midland and south parts of the country are distinct from Store and Sturre. Certainly in the Placita Forinesca de Quo Warranto, a Roger de Stures, de com. Dorset, temp. King John, and also a Willus de Stures

* This lady seems to be identical with the Christiana Store who held lands at Harbottle in Northumberland.
(Placita de Quo Warranto MSS. - p. 185.)