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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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Thursday, 31 January 2008
by Brad Storey


    l811 Story, Edward, tanner
    1814 Story, William, tanner
    1817 Story, Charles, tanner
    1817 Story, James, tanner

At Newcastle (St. Andrew's Churchyard) are also interred Joshua Story, schoolmaster, who departed this life April 3rd, 1782. Joshua Story produced an English Grammar in 1777-8.

The Burial place of
Mrs. Grace Harle,
relict of Robert Harle,.
of Corbridge, in the county of
Daughter of the late
Rev. Latten Eden,
Vicar of Harbourne, in the same
county, and niece of the late
Sir Robert Eden, Bart.,
West Auckland, in the county of Durham,
who died 20th September, 1798,
aged 88 years.

The lineage of the family of Robert Story, &c., as shown in the Company of Tanners, or Barkers' Books in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, copied by Edward John Story, Esq., son of Robert Story, Esq., deceased (see p.p. 12 to 20).

Mr. Henry Harle Story, secretary to the Tanners' Company, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, writing on the 3rd February, 1908, says, inter alia, "The earliest record I have at hand of the first date in the books of a Story is 1652-1661. 'Received of Robert Story, for admittance, £1 6s. 8d.,' and during the time of Robert Story there was a John Story, who was not the son of Robert Story. . . . By patrimony as well as by servitude the Storys have been in the Company since that date. Their tenancy was at one time in Newgate Street (now Percy Street, N. W. district) of this city."


The Stewards for this year being [the] Mayor, Richard Hodgson and Robert Atkinson, Sherif.

    Thomas Dalton hath the Box with the play book.
    Jarrat Doodes hath the Craft book.
    Robert Dente hath the Ordinance.
    Robert Newton hath the Bands and Clothing.

Robert Story, living in 1651, buried on the 22nd December, 1660. Robert Story, of Whitecross, buried on the 16th December. 1711, St. John's Churchyard, Newcastle. From this Robert descended four sons-John, buried February 24th, 1763; Robert, buried 15th September, 1746, William, buried 2nd November, 1740, Jonathan, buried 14th March, 1745-all at St. John's-and one daughter, Isabel, who married Thomas Milburn.