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Crest of Sir Thomas Storey

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where such are inserted.
Origin of the name Storey19
Stor, Stori, Storius17,18
SECTION I. - Pages 21 to 24.
Early forms of the names Storey and Story met with Ancient Documents, &c.21
Variants of the name21
SECTION II. - Pages 25 to 46.
Arms of Bishop Story of Carlisle and subsquently of Chichester33-34
Early Storeys, Storys and Stories and their ancient homes25
Edward Story, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle and subsequently of Chichester32
Extracts from the Will of Bishop Edward Story40
Storer of Hawksworth, County Nottingham, and connections45
Stori, Stury, &c.31
Story, Bishop Edward, D.D., and Prebendal School, Chichester33
SECTION III. - Pages 47 to 78.
Bingfield Story of Killaloe51
Bishop Story of Killaloe62
Leech, Rev. Robert, late Rector of Drumlane, Co. Cavan, and Bingfield Story Alliance72
Long Service on Farm at Beanley57
Notes by E.J. Story of Ilford69
Old Northumbrian Storeys47
Storeys of Beanley and Abberwick48,50,51,54
Storys of Bingfield, Hexham511,52,53 to 73
Story, Rev. George, of Lanercost58,59,60
SECTION IV. - Pages 74 to 104.
Arms of the Company of Tanners' and Barkers', Newcastle-upon-Tyne81
Bolebec, a synonym of Story94,95,96
Branch of Story Family settled at Bath99
Debateable Land question and the West Marches86
Eskdale Musters and Storys or Stories87
Istures, Isturios and Stories21-96-98
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Storys and Stories (with Pedigree)75-81-86
Story, Colonel R., of Bingfield, Ireland60
Storys of Bishop Wearmouth74
Storey, Sir Thomas, M.P., temp. Edward III.94
Storey, John D.C. L., Catholic Martyr100
Storeys of Rothbury, R.C. (see else Appendix, 336)94-100
Storeys of Hillside, Rothbury, of Blueknox, Felton, Snitter and Moral Hirst, Ped105
Story Feuds47-48
SECTION V. - Pages 105 to 140.
Long Greenhead and the Storeys117
Storeys of Lancaster, originally of Old Hutton, Applethwaite in Troutbeck, Co. Westmorland, and of Bardsea, in the Parish of Urswick, Furness105
Storeys of Garstang, Lancaster129
Storeys, Whites and Machelis, Pasadena, California Branch
(see also Appendix, 281)
Storeys of Bolton-le-Sands136
Storey-Gardeners, Lancaster136-137
Storeys of Cartmel138, 139.
Storeys of Troutbeck, Westmorland, Parish Registers Extracts Lords' Rentals, &c.118
Storey, Isaac, of Bardsea, Urswick, father of Sir Thomas Storey, Kt105
Storey, Samuel, ex-M.P., Sunderland129
SECTION VI. - Pages 141 to 184
Storeys of Storeygate174-178
Story, Dr., of Penrith154
Storys of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne153
Storys and Stories of Kirklinton141
Storys of Justice Town (now Lynehow)145
Storys of the Lake, Kirklinton147-148-149
Storys of Cargo(Addendum. Ped.)151
Storys in the Burgh or Brough Court Rolls150-151
Storys of Lockington, Co. Leicester, and Kneveton, Co. Nottingham167
Storys of Boston, U.S.A.161-166
Storys of Brooklyn, U.S.A.161
Story and Storey Place-names, U.S.A.165
Stures of Sweden159
Will and Abstracts of Wills relating chiefly to Storys of Kirklinton and Arthurst, Co. Cumberland141-148
SECTION VII. - BIOGRAPHIES - Pages 185 to 287.
Julian, Rev. C.E.235
Storey, George Adolphus, R.A.193
Storey, Sir Thomas, Kt., J.P., D.L., Lancaster219
Storey, William, J.P., of Fairfield, Lancaster227
Storey, Joseph, of Lancaster227
Storey, Edward, J.P., of Crosslands, Lancaster224
Storey, Herbert Lushington, J.P., D.L., of Bailrigg Manor, Lancaster227
Storey, Isaac H., J.P., of Ambleside234
Storey, Colonel James Henry, of Boston, U.S.A.234
Story, Henry Grafton, of Brooklyn, U.S.A.234
Story, Thomas, of Justice Town (now Lynehow)185
Story, George Warter, Dean of Limerick191
Story, Hon. Joseph, Chief Justice, Court of Common Pleas, U.S.A.192
Story, William Wetmore (son of the above Joseph), Poet and Sculptor193
Story, Rev. Robert, of Roseneath191
Story, Professor Robert Herbert, Principal and Chancellor of Glasgow University191
Story, Alfred Thomas, Author, &c.,198
Story, Edward John, Dramatist, Lecturer, &c., Ilford, Essex211
Story, Robert Spencer, Campanologist, Newcastle-upon-Tyne218
Story, Robert, Poet201
Waller, Rev. Bryan, M. A., Author and Classic235

NOTE. - What may be termed a Biographical Sketch of William Simpson of Richmond, Surrey, who married a Storey of Garstang, will be found on page 130.

[In the Addendum to Biographies (see Notitia, or Fragments that remain) are the following notes on connections of the Storey Family:- Boulton, William, 346; Brewers, 332; Sir Alfred Sharpe, 344; Sherrens, 317 to 333; also belated items relating to the Hon. Bellamy Storer, 345; G. A. Storey, R.A., and the Ebers Family, 345; Miss Gladys Storey, 345; Samuel Storey, J.P., D.L., 344; Francis Storey of Waliasey, J.P., 342 and J. J. Parker Storey of Nantwich, 343. See Index to Appendix also.]

SECTION VIII. - Pages 238 to 262.
Arms borne by the various Branches of the Storie, Storey and Story Families245
Bailrigg, Manor of, its History238
Browne, George, Notes by (see also Appendix, later contribution, 275)250
Livery of Storeys of Lancaster251
Storey Arms borne by various Branches246-247
Storey Institute, Lancaster251
Storey Register Extracts - Arthuret, Kirklinton, Great Orton, Stanwix, Lancaster, Manchester253
Storey and Story Memorials - Cathedral yard, Trinity Churchyard, Stanwix, Carlisle, Arthuret, Burneside,      
Grat Orton, Kendal, Kirklinton, Morland, Rockcliffe, Urswick, &c.
Storeys and Lion Arms250
Storeys of Lancaster, Livery of251
SECTION IX. - Pages 263 to 359.
SECTION X. - Pages 360 to 366.
Index to Appendix.361
An alphabetical list of Names of Persons and Places incidentally mentioned in this work.362
Pedigree Charts.365
Index to Pedigree Charts.366